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Thread: How to change bitrate of audio?

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    Default How to change bitrate of audio?

    Hello everyone!
    this is urgent.
    please help me.

    now i am uploading video with rtmp in audio bitrate 44100.
    i used audioonly.xml template in transcoder.
    then when i get stream from wowza to iPhone, i cant play audio.
    maybe i think iPhone app's player doesnt support 44100Hz bitrate.
    so i guess wowza's transcoder can change bitrate, but it doesnt work.
    when i see audioonly.xml, it's bitrate is 48000, but recorded mp4 file's audio bitrate is still 44100.
    that is it doesnt influence change of audio bitrate.
    How can i do it?
    When i play on iPhone video with 8000, 16000, 48000 audio bitrate, it is ok.
    so i am gonna change 44100 into above value.
    i am looking for hearing from you asap.

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    Hi there, it sounds like you are playing the source stream as opposed to the transcoded stream.

    To play the transcoded stream you will specify a stream name with _aac appended at the end:
    e.g. mp4:myStream_aac


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