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Thread: Enabling audio-only rendition (for HLS) on a per connection basis

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    Default Enabling audio-only rendition (for HLS) on a per connection basis

    We currently have our application configured to generate an audio-only rendition for HLS using the properties described in However, some of our customers have complained that the video switches to the audio-only rendition in spite of having sufficient bandwidth. This is something we've intermittently seen as well. Ideally, we would like to figure out why this is happening. But for now, we'd like to know if it's possible to enable/disable the audio-only rendition on a per stream basis.


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    Following the instructions on the page you linked to, you would need to make a couple of small changes.

    Disable the cupertinoAutoCreateMultibitratePlaylist property

    You will most likely still need the other properties so that the audio only rendition is created but you would be calling it manually instead of automatically.

    Create 2 smil files, one with the audio only parameter set and one without.

                <video src="livestream" system-bitrate="250000"/>
                <video src="livestream" system-bitrate="64000">
                    <param name="audioOnly" value="TRUE" valuetype="data"/>
                <video src="livestream" system-bitrate="250000"/>
    You then play which ever smil file you want to.

    To try to automatically determine which one to play, you can implement the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 interface and use the resolvePlayAlias methods to return the smil file that you want them to play. The same method will also get called for the actual stream name so you also need to handle that.


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    Thanks Roger. What happens if we call the asset directly without using a SMIL file? Will it fall back to the audio-only rendition? I'm hoping that's not the case.

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    It won't with cupertinoAutoCreateMultibitratePlaylist set to "false"


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    Great! Thanks.

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