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Thread: How can I log NAL PPS and SPS?

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    Default How can I log NAL PPS and SPS?

    I'm writing an encoder, and I need to be able to get information that Wowza is receiving per-frame particularly PPS and SPS. Is there an event like onFrame or onVideo that I could use? I've looked around the forums, and I've looked through the Server-Side API doc and haven't found anything.

    Any ideas?

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    You can implement the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface. It includes methods that are called when the stream codec info is received.

    If you need to inspect other packets then the normal practice is to use a separate thread to call IMediaStream.getPlayPackets() on the publish stream to get the current stream packet list on a regular basis.

    From there, you iterate the list to get each of the packets. If you use this method, you should keep track of the sequence number of the last packet inspected so you know where to start on the next loop. New packets are added to the list every 50 - 125ms, depending on the stream type. Normally about 8 seconds worth of packets are retained in the list.


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    Here is an example of what Roger described:

    You can use IMediaStreamActionNotify3 instead of 2, which just adds the codec info Roger mentioned.


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