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Thread: Align audio and video

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    Default Align audio and video

    in nDVR addon that needs incoming audio and video to be in alignment. But :
    1. what the alignment means? same start time and duration ? or inhibit packet reorder?
    2. How the stream encoder (publisher) control the video/audio alignment?
    3 .In the nDVR-workflow that talked about :
    It's recommended to fix audio and video alignment issues upstream from Wowza Media Server
    How to set Wowza Media Server to fix it?

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    What this means is that the audio & video packets should have similar timecodes for packets that occur at the same time. This is normally taken care of by the encoder so you shouldn't have to do anything. Any alignment problems are normally caused by the encoder sending packets late or getting the timecodes wrong. Small amounts of misalignment can be handled with sort buffers but larger problems need to be rectified at the encoder.

    See Advanced nDVR Configuration for settings.


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    So what Wowza can do in the problem is to adjust the dvrPacketSortTime and no others?
    any suggestion or experience sharing on adjusting encoder setting to avoid this unaligned problem ? I do not really understand why the timecode would be error

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