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Thread: Apply nDVR feature and record to S3

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    Default Apply nDVR feature and record to S3

    I saw the post and it concluded it's no possible. Now it is 2013, anything change?

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    There is no direct way to write to S3 at the speed that is required for nDVR. Although S3 is large storage it is relatively slow and just not capable enough for nDVR. Even when reading back from S3 Wowza does use MediaCache to provide the required level of performance.


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    Thank your prompt reply, and have 2 questiones about that:

    1. Does performance issue only occur on the writing into S3 process ? Reading back from S3 is fast enough when Wowza using the MediaCache Addon?
    2. Except the performance issue, can nDVR access store in S3? the post said Wowza cannot playback nDVR store from S3. Maybe it's different now?

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