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Thread: Input Live-Stream switch support

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    Default Input Live-Stream switch support

    Hello Wowza Team,

    Is it possible to have for example 4 Live Input-Streams lets say:
    • live01
    • live02
    • live03
    • live04

    and one output stream liveOut?

    Our goal is to write a Wowza module, which is able to provide one output live stream (liveOutput). But we will have 4 different input streams. The liveOutput shows one of the 4 input streams. The used input stream should be switchable by a special call command from a client.

    the created liveOutput stream should be recordable and push published to a CDN like Akamai.

    • Start with live01 -> liveOutput
    • After 10min Call SwitchStream('live02')
    • liveOutput will show live02 on the fly instead of live01

    Is this possible? And do we have to use Wowza 3.x for this or is it also possible with Wowza 2.x?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Hi SilantBob,

    You can create a playlist and start the streams with a scheduler with this server listener:
    How to do scheduled streaming with Stream class streams (server listener)

    Then you can control the streams and create new streams with this module (Please note the controller is not finished, just example, but shows how to do what you want):
    How to dynamically control Stream class streams


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