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Thread: RTSP and MPEG-4 Part 2 for live streaming

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    Default RTSP and MPEG-4 Part 2 for live streaming

    I found from Wowza Media Server 3.0.2 Release Notes that MPEG-4 part 2 is supported. However the response to the RTSP DESCRIBE coming from Wowza to VLC does not contain the SDP information. The SDP info is in the RTSP DESCRIBE from the encoder to the Wowza server. Works fine when the encoder is set to H.264 but not MP4 part 2.

    Any ideas?

    If Wowza doesn't support this can it be solved by manually creating an SDP file? If so is there any info for configuring the server to use a predefined SDP file?


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    The only support for mpeg-4 part 2 in Wowza is for decode by the Wowza Transcoder, which will transcode to the video to h.264 video.

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