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Thread: SMIL File configuration and Publishing.

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    Default SMIL File configuration and Publishing.

    Hi ,
    Version 3.6.2
    we are trying to do the simulated tv streaming using wowza and for this we are configured the required files and i have created the smil in the below format.
    File name :StreamSchedule.smil and this file copied on Content folder and the required mp4 files also there in the same path.
    <stream name="Stream1"></stream>
    <stream name="Stream2"></stream>
    <playlist name="pl1" playOnStream="Stream1" repeat="false" scheduled="2013-06-17 01:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:Ghajini.mp4" start="5" length="5"/>
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="10" length="5"/>
    <video src="mp4il.mp4" start="15" length="5"/>
    <playlist name="pl2" playOnStream="Stream1" repeat="false" scheduled="2013-06-21 01:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="10" length="1"/>
    <playlist name="pl3" playOnStream="Stream2" repeat="false" scheduled="2013-06-21 01:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:Ghajini.mp4" start="30" length="-2"/>

    1. I am able to load/publish the smil file
    2. But i am not getting the complete features or how to simulate the flow.
    3. I am able to call the rtsp\\myserver\live\stream1 or stream2 . i am able to play on stream2 one time. After completion if i again tried the same it saying file/stream not found.
    4. what is start value purpose here and is the file started based onthe scheduled time? but i am not able to see that cases here.

    can any one suggest or help me to for right direction to achieve this.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

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    From your description, it looks like the playlists are running exactly how you have configured them. From the contents of your smil file, it looks like you gave set the playlist "pl1" to start on 2013-06-17 01:00:00 and the repeat is set to "false", which means that one the playlist has finished, it will stop. If you want to play this playlist in a loop, you will need to put the repeat parameter to "true".
    Also, the contents of your playlist are set to play the "Ghajini.mp4" file starting with the 5-th second and only play 5 seconds of that video. Basically the playlist will only playback this video starting with second 5 until second 10.
    The second item from the playlist "sample.mp4" is starting from the 10-th second of the file, and play 5 seconds.
    Same goes for the third item of the playlist.
    If you want to play the entire videos of the playlist, from beginning to end, you will ave to set the start parameter to "0" and the length parameter to "-1". If you want your playlist to start over when all the clips are finished playing, you will need to set the repeat parameter to "true".


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    Hi Zoran,

    Really thanks for your immediate support.

    Now i changed the configurations of smil file and tried again with below settings and now i am able to stream both the playlists.

    1. In the first stream rtsp://server:1935/live/stream1
    I have three files in this play list, i am able to view the complete audio and video for Ghajini.mp4 but after completion of this stream, ideally it should play the second file ie.sample.mp4. Here its playing but no video. but there is no issue on the sample.mp4. In all my cases second stream or file not showing video but audio is working good.

    2. In the first stream rtsp://server:1935/live/stream2, similar issue I observed on this stream2 also.

    3. Actually i scheduled these both streams as different times ie stream1 on "2013-07-19 13:00:00" and stream2 as "2013-06-21 01:00:00". but its not considering these timings. I want start the stream or file based on the configured timings. will this possible?

    <stream name="Stream1"></stream>
    <stream name="Stream2"></stream>
    <playlist name="pl1" playOnStream="Stream1" repeat="false" scheduled="2013-07-19 13:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:Ghajini.mp4" start="0" length="-1"/>
    <video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="0" length="-1"/>
    <video src="mp4il.mp4" start="0" length="-1"/>
    <playlist name="pl2" playOnStream="Stream2" repeat="false" scheduled="2013-06-21 01:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:Ghajini.mp4" start="0" length="-2"/>
    <video src="mp4il.mp4" start="0" length="-1"/>

    Many thanks in Advance...

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    I got its working now.


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    can anyone help on the C# API to load the SMIL dynamic. Instead of loading manually.


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