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Thread: call onStreamCreate only once

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    Hi! I noticed that the IModuleOnStream.onStreamCreate gets called not only when the stream is created (i.e. when I push start in FMLE), but also each time a client connects to the stream. But I want a method or trigger that runs only once when the stream is published on the server, not when clients connect.

    My actual try is to implement the sample code on page 1317 of the API manual and create a new Publisher for each stream that is published on the server, in order to pick up the AMF packets from that stream, add some data to the publisher with the publisher.addDataData method. Or is there an other way to implement the "amfPacket = readPacketFromSomewhere();" in that sample?

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    Sounds like you'll want to use IMediaStreamActionNotify2 so you can distinguish between these types of events. Check out the following:

    How to monitor live streams using IMediaStreamActionNotify2

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    Thanks! Exactly how do I check on the event type?

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