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Thread: Stream class + S3 chunk

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    Default Stream class + S3 chunk


    In my module, take the Stream class as a example, is it possible to access video chunk in S3 but speed up the reading by MediaCache AddOn (like vods3 application)?

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    You can use MediaCache assets as the source for Stream class streams by configuring the application for MediaCache following the MediaCache guide, except to leave the the StreamType "live". Then point to MediaCache assets in your streamschedule.smil or code.

    MediaCache is not a performance enhancing feature, it is for scaling vod delivery by making assets on a content server available to many Wowza servers.


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    Hi :

    I am using Amazon pre-built Wowza Media Server AMI, that has MediaCache AddOn inside but I can't find the MediaCache guide.
    However, I refer to Application.xml of vods3 that just t assigns MediaReader/Properties/Property/value to 'com.wowza.wms.plugin.mediacache.impl.MediaCacheRandomAccessReader', so I guess I can do the same thing.
    But i still no idea about how to point the stream to mediacache asset in stream class. Any example or code to show how to do it? Just use stream name like "mp4:amazons3/wowzamediacache/sample/sample.mp4" as the player?

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    Yes, that's right. Point to MediaCache asset in the streamschedule.smil file, or in your code when you create a Stream class stream using a file.

    On a EC2 instance, you can use vods3 application, or a copy of it, and change the StreamType to "live".


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