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Thread: Overview of in- and output for live streaming

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    Question Overview of in- and output for live streaming

    While going through the documentation I'm struggling to compile a proper overview of all the Wowza live streaming capabilities.

    I did find a very detailed description in the specifications:
    But it seems to contradict the information that can be found in the comparison sheet:
    Specifically the part about Smooth streaming ...

    What I really need is an accurate overview of your supported input and output (file)formats and codecs, just for live streaming.
    Can anyone provide this?

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    Hi there,

    Have a look at the supported media section of the Quick Start Guide.

    Also it may be helpful to read the entire Quick Start Guide.

    Additionally Wowza supports other input formats to be transcoded with the Wowza Transcoder Add on
    AddOn: Wowza Transcoder


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