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Thread: Prefix MP4: with HLS VOD stream and JWPLAYER 6

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    Default Prefix MP4: with HLS VOD stream and JWPLAYER 6

    Anybody has experience an erratic behaviour when adding the MP4: prefix before the video file for HLS wowza streams? Some videos play and some don't but as soon as we remove the prefix they work. The same happens the other way around. without the prefix they do not play and with the prefix they do. Any ideas what might be causing this behaviour?

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    I answered the ticket that you sent directly to support,
    but anyway the URL plays for me whether I use the mp4: or not.

    If I paste
    into the URL field of your player web page and hit submit it plays fine on this end without any errors.

    The only thing I can think of is perhaps some sort of browser locale issue?
    I used Chrome on Windows 7 / English US.


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