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Thread: How to set the delay time hls

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    Default How to set the delay time hls

    Wowza is used as a repeater, which broadcast rtmp stream to hls.
    because the source streams have interruptions therefore the stream of HLD are interrupted.

    i want delay the live hls stream for 5mins,
    how to set a delay?make live tv can broakast delay

    so,what can i do ?help me!

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    any one can help me???

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    In order to delay a live stream, you could try using the nDVR add-on. Please take a look at this article on how to properly setup the nDVR add-on:
    If you want to compensate for the source interruptions, delaying the live stream won't help to avoid interruptions.
    The best way to avoid interruptions is to make sure you have a stable connection to your live source.


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