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Thread: Flowplayer and Wowza load balancer

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    Default Flowplayer and Wowza load balancer

    I have 3 servers running wowza independently,
    I would like to join these 3 servers and make a load balancer configuration,
    my customers all use Flowplayer, I have read various articles but I do not understand:
    I can continue to enable and use my latest and original version of Flowplayer or to be able to run with Wowza load balancer necessarily have to change the code of Flowplayer and implement this feature for correct working ?



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    As long as your version of FlowPlayer supports a 302 redirect, then you shouldn't have to do anything further to the player.

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    hi matt,
    just use Flowplayer flash v3.2.15, do you know if it supports this feature?


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    FlowPlayer works with Wowza and in fact version 3.2 has better support and more advanced features. I do not know much about whether you can make it work on the 3 servers since they are all running independently. First how are you planning to join them? is it via a network? Read more about Wowza load balancing here
    Also here is an article about load balancing

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    hi Steve,
    yes, my server now work independently and I want setup a load balancing . so, @ all my customer I have installed Flowplayer and just ask if is enough or need replace/build new player or change configuration at client side ...


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