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Thread: How to play the recording part of LiveStreamRecord

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    Default How to play the recording part of LiveStreamRecord


    I am newbie on Wowza, and trying to understand the LiveStreamRecord.
    I know I can use the 'live-record' stream type or 'live' with HTTPLiveStreamRecord to approach that.
    But my question is, How the player to choose play 'live' part or 'recorded' part?

    no parameter to choose the 'live' part or 'recorded' part


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    Hi Andy,

    Both methods will create files in the [install-dir]/content folder(if that is were you configure the application to store files, which is the default location)

    Then you would create a VOD application to play the newly recorded files.

    While the stream is in the recording process, there are files created but they are not playable until the stream is unpublished.


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    Hi Salvadore

    Thank for your prompt reply.
    But a little confusing about the state of 'unpublished', if I disconnect the upstream (so now the chunk.ver1 completed) then reconnect again (recording to chunk.ver2 now), could I use VOD application to play the chunk.ver1?


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    Yes, that's correct once a stream stops Wowza will finish the recording and you will then be able to access it using a video on demand application.

    The tutorial for LiveStreamRecord can be found here,
    HTTP LiveStreamRecord

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