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Thread: Upgrading Wowza version on amazon

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    Default Upgrading Wowza version on amazon

    i am currently using wowza 3.0 version which was purchased on AWS market place and is running on ec2 instace . now i want to upgrade the wowza version to latest release . how can i update with minimal downtime to my media server .

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    The most efficient upgrade path from a Marketplace AMI is to deploy one of our Pre-built AMI's. These AMI's come pre-configured with the latest version of Wowza Media Server and have been expertly tuned for optimal performance in EC2. As a license configuration, you will need to select a devpay (comes with an embedded Wowza license) or a lickey (bring your own Wowza license key). Both of these licensing options are listed in the Pre-built AMI's article. Please note that while the devpay license configuration provides the convenience of a combined monthly invoice from Amazon for running instance time, bandwidth consumption, and Wowza Media Server usage, devpay doesn't provide access to the premium AddOns. Also, please note that you will no longer be using a Marketplace AMI.

    You will also need to identify and select an AMI size classification that will scale to your anticipated streaming volume and will accommodate the resource demand of your Wowza workflow. It is important to take into consideration which AddOns you will be using and to test extensively using the Load Test Tool to be certain you have enough EC2 server resources available to fulfill all of your needs.

    For more information about deploying in EC2, and to refamiliarize yourself with the workflow, see take a look at these resources:

    Wowza Media Server for Amazon EC2 Edition User's Guide
    Wowza for Amazon EC2 List of Articles

    Moving from your existing AMI to your new AMI will require migrating several configuration files as well as any content that you have on your server. For help with the Wowza upgrade implications, see the Wowza Upgrade Guide, which will list the folders and best practices for upgrading, which also applies to server migration.

    Separate from your Wowza upgrade and migration to a new EC2 host, you will need to migrate any existing non-Wowza services and configurations on your existing server.

    We can assist you by answering questions and providing resources throughout the entire process. Post your questions here, or create a support ticket by sending an email to (please include a reference to this post).

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