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Thread: Adding our own video player

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    Default Adding my own video player

    I want to use WoWza VOD media server but do not want to use video player provided by wowza.
    I want to use my own video player and will connect to wowza media server from laptop/desktop browser using http.
    what will be wowza media server URL for my own player?
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    Hi, are you asking about HTML5 support? If so HTML5 works on Mac OSX with Safari browser, this includes Iphone and Ipad as well as the most recent Android devices.

    If not what kind player is it?


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    you will use the some url what the wowza player use for test like this "rtmp://<IP you server>/<app>/<live or file.flv>".

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    Actually my requirement is to customize the setting of the WOWZA video player such as location of "Connect" button or renaming it . Also I want to use wowza media player from windows based laptop/desktop and not MAC OS
    Is it possible to customize wowza video player or alternatively use my own video player ( mediaelement.js ).
    Alternatively I can use any other video player which can work with WOwza media server.
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    Yes, you can customize Wowza's example players. You will need Flash CSx and ActionScript knowledge.

    According to the specs of this player mediaelement.js it should work with Wowza.
    You can download a free 30 day trial to test it out:
    30 Day Free Trial of Wowza

    Also see JW Player
    & FlowPlayer

    Both of which can be skinned and customized, and are production ready alternatives to the example players that are shipped with Wowza.


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    list of addresses wowza uses for live streaming...

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