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Thread: Adding Second Stream

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    Default Adding Second Stream

    I set up my first stream with no problem.
    I am testing that stream using the Flash RTMP Player demo page.

    To add a second stream I just copied the file and named it
    I changed the ip and port in the stream file.

    Then in stream manager and I connected to

    When I go to the demo page and try to connect to this new stream the screen goes black and the status area is empty.
    It does not say anything in status.

    On the flash demo page all I am changing is the stream name in the second field.
    I leave the top field the same.... rtmp://[wowzaip]:1935/live

    I did test the rtsp for the second stream through quicktime and it works.

    Any tips?

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    In the log is keeps looping this:

    INFO stream publish -
    INFO server comment - RTPMediaCaster.Reconn
    .stream]: done: 8
    INFO server comment - senderReport[RTP-Info
    INFO server comment - senderReport[RTP-Info
    INFO server comment - firstPacket: TCP:$0
    INFO server comment - firstPacket: TCP:$1
    INFO server comment - firstPacket: TCP:$3

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    GOT IT. Sorry... wish I could find a way to delete this thread.

    Problem was that I forgot to change the cameras source to H.264 from MJPEG. :|

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