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    Default Wowza RTMP Player

    I am trying to customize the example rtmp player to cut the 2 text fields off the bottom.
    I just want the video and not the "server", "stream" & "status" fields at the bottom.

    Anyone know how to do that?

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    Try JW player 6 instead of the Wowza examples. This is a production ready player with many configuration options:

    There are other options in the Flash player section


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    First delete those items off of the stage by selecting them and hitting delete. Make sure you delete ConnectStr not the connect button. Then you must go to windows -> actions.. go to layer 1 and delete anything starting with 'prompt.' which is that status box. Then delete anything that starts with 'connect.connectStr.'

    I dont recommend rigging this as I just spent a month fully understanding osmf and wowza and I'm still not perfect but I can make the player do just about anything I need. I would create an osmf player from scratch. There are so many great docs on it now a days. To play a movie with 'media player sprite' is literally like 5 lines of code.

    Sorry I couldnt paste you the code I cant even run those files because it has outdated imports and stuff. I wish you the best.
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