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Thread: CODECS attribute not added to HLS playlist generated from SMIL file

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    Default CODECS attribute not added to HLS playlist generated from SMIL file

    I created a SMIL file that contains a video playlist with different bitrates. When I retrieve the playlist for HLS streaming, I noticed the CODECS attribute was missing:

    $ curl http://<host>/vod/smil:bigbuckbunny.smil/playlist.m3u8
    I upgraded my install to The development builds page states that the patch contains a fix for this:

    "Fixed Apple HLS streaming when using SMIL files to be sure cupertinoCalculateCodecs and cupertinoCalculateResolution is properly honored"

    I'm not seeing this. I followed the instructions in README.txt to the letter and I checked that the version that is running is but I'm not seeing the CODECS attribute being added to the generated playlist. Any thoughts?

    One thing I did notice is that the README says, 'Copy contents of "bin", "conf", "lib" and "lib-native" folders ...", but there is no "conf" folder in the download.


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    Resolution and codec is something you have to add manually.
    Please see the following guide,

    Thanks for pointing this out but it's a typo, you do not need to replace or add anything in the [Wowza-install]/conf directory for this patch.


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