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Thread: Security and bitrate question

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    Lightbulb Security and bitrate question

    Hi All,

    I've got the WowzaMediaServer-examples-3.6.2 VideoChat example working and I've changed the .swf file to my preferences and this is sufficient for my application, except for two issues:

    - how do I change the bitrate so I can get a optimum quality / data performance for me?
    - how do I secure my WowzaMediaServer? Everybody with my amazon ec2 public DNS can send and receive from my WowzaMediaServer since there is no form of autentication or what so ever...

    Many thanks,

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    If you have Flash CSx and a little ActionScript know how you can edit the source code of the example player to fine tune your results.

    Also, you can find more advanced configuration options in this thread:
    Video Chat

    For security, have a look at these articles:
    Security Overview


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