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Thread: Using query args with HDS HTTP caching origin??

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    Default Using query args with HDS HTTP caching origin??

    We have a need to use query args to uniquely tags streams within our logs.
    With the Wowza 3.5 configured as a Http caching origin, we were able to send the
    query arg with the playlist.m3u8 and received the chunklist.m3u8 as well as the
    segment files all appended with the same query arg. Although I've seen posts
    that says query args are not supported in HttpOrigin mode, it does appear to work
    in the case of HLS.


    In the case of HDS Http caching origin however, sending a query arg has a totally
    different behavior. When we send the query arg with the manifest.f4m it converts
    the query arg to base64 encoding.

    Original query = ?MiiStrmId=7761707031362E71780835213746659700000000001

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <manifest xmlns="">
    <media streamId="1" bootstrapInfoId="bootstrap1" width="424" height="240" bitrate="507" url="media_b520072_qTWlpU3RybUlkPTc3NjE3MDcwMzEzNjJFNzE3ODA5NTM3MTM3NDY3MjQwNzAwMDAwMDAwMDE=.abst/">

    Is there a way to shut off the base64 encoding and maintain the original query arg within the manifest?



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    Are you streaming from Wowza directly? HTTP Origin mode is designed to supply chunks to a CDN caching infrastructure, where the clients stream from the CDN. In that workflow, Wowza only knows about the CDN. The clients playback the chunks cached by the CDN, not directly from Wowza.

    If you want to stream directly from Wowza, don't use HTTP Origin mode.


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