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    I have two Wowza server: Server 01 & Server 02
    I config rsync folder video on Server 01 to Server 02.
    What do you config load balancer on two Server and and problems balanced load vod? I try config load balancer & live repeater but count connection just happen in Server 01.
    please guide me in the Server 01 requires configuration: origin app, edge app, redirect app.... and Server 02: edge app, redirect app ....
    <lastMessage>1 second 929 milliseconds</lastMessage>
    <redirect>x.x.x.x Server 01</redirect>
    <serverId>Server 01</serverId>

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    If you are only getting responses from Server 1 but expect a response from Server 2 as well, then many things could have gone awry thus far. However, most immediately check the following:

    1. Server 2 should be setup as a ServerListenerLoadBalancerSender
    2. On Server 2, check the loadbalancertargets.txt and ensure the IP is correct (should be the LB IP)
    3. Review the README.html that comes with the load balancer download and ensure you've properly setup the sender properties correctly on Server 2.

    A couple of additional notes:
    - Check out a player that supports 301 redirects (like JWPlayer)
    - It sounds as though you may be replicating content across servers and if this is the case you may want to look at our MediaCache AddOn.
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