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Thread: HTTP Streaming, get clients location on the stream

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    Default HTTP Streaming, get clients location on the stream

    My problem is, i want to get information on the stream when a user stops streaming, for example he closes the browser window. or just goes to another page.
    i would like to get information Where he was on that stream (on the players Seek, so if the user started to play the stream at 10 minutes in, we would like to see that it is at 10 minuets and not ”how long” he has streamed, or exactly on what byte the client stopped streaming). without having to add code to the client.
    Is that possible with wowza?
    if so, how to i do it? Which events do i need to call?

    from what I have read about how modules work on wowza, it seems that to get your modules to work you have to add netConnect on a client.
    And that is not what i want to do.

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    There really isn't a way to know where the user was in a stream with HLS, it is somewhere in the current chunks the device has in its cache.

    You might be able to work something out client-side and send a report to Wowza with a HTTPProvider, but not sure if the HTML5 /video tag api can do it reliably or not, and Wowza doesn't have any guidance.

    There is no easy way to do it, and there is nothing built into Wowza.


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    The only way i can think off of the top of my head is to setup a timer on the client side.

    Do a '' every few seconds or every second with time the user is currently at.

    Store it as a public variable on wowza. Then in wowza 'onUnPublish' save it to a database using jdbc.

    I would only use httpprovider if you really had to.

    Good Luck

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