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    Default Please help me understand

    I am not sure what this section mean I get the others but when will I want to make this one true or false.

    <!-- Example Encode block for source, not required unless Member of StreamNameGroup. -->
    <!-- H.264, H.263, PassThru, Disable -->
    <!-- AAC, PassThru, Disable -->

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    You enable this Encode block if the source file will be included in your StreamNameGroup, meaning it will be the highest bitrate rendition in your Adaptive Bitrate set.

    If your source files keyframe interval, audio codec, and video codec match the output renditions, you can save a little cpu by using the source instead of transcoding the source again into essentially the same file.


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    Ok thank you.. should it be set to passthru or h264 if it is already h264?

    If I am thinking about it right it should be set to passthru right?

    Should this be set to passthru if I want to use this since I am using h264?
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