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Thread: Cannot obtain Manifest during playback / not quite live

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    Default Cannot obtain Manifest during playback / not quite live

    I'm trying this app and I seem to have two issues.

    I have created / configured wowza and my iphone as per the article (

    When I try to obtain the manifest file for the live stream it is returned once, then not a second time. Not until I stop streaming on my phone then I can instantly get access to it again for what I presume is the remaining stream buffer.

    The second is it that that when I do see the live stream, it's always a very delayed version of it. I guess related to the first issue.

    What can I try ?

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    Log entry is[2]: java.lang.Exception: QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: Atom size is invalid: 0

    when I try and access the Manifest file.

    I and try repeatedly to access the live version of the stream and I get this error. As soon as I close the live stream, I can access it.

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    This means your Application.xml /StreamType is set to "default". It should be "live"


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