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Thread: nDVR and unstable network

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    Default nDVR and unstable network


    I am reviewing the current deployment of my streaming infrastructure and I think there is a problem.

    The first one is what I am doing right now. There is a problem on the unstable network between headend and CDN. If the network is down, then nDVR has no content to record. When the network is up, it's too late to record. So there is no catchup content for user anymore.

    The second one seems good. But I don't know how repeater works, can I have a MediaCache on the repeater? Can I adjust the the cache size? Should I do a proactive caching by simulating a dummy user to request for a content.

    The third one, I don't know whether this is possible. It requires additional works but will make nDVR available most of the time.

    What is the suggestion of this scenario?

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    Second scenario is my choice. I always prefer Recorder the closest to encoder as possible. Third one gives you redundancy, but will imply a lot of work for the benefit (unless your unstable network is really bad for streaming through it)
    Having nDVR as a repeater will work ... how bad is your unstable network?

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    I also prefer the second solution. But there is some limitation regarding the link between site. The network bandwidth between site is quite narrow. For example, if a stream requires 768kbps for streaming from the headend to CDN, the available bandwidth is likely to be around 1024kbps which is enough for "streaming". But I am afraid that the random access behavior of nDVR-Repeater may consume more bandwidth.

    It's not exactly the link that is unstable, it's the headend network which has a lot of internal maintenance schedule which can't guarantee the availability of the service to the open internet. Last year it can't provide 99% uptime which may not be acceptable for the paid service. (99% of 365 days = 3.65 days out of service)

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    well ...this changes the original issue to solve.
    If BW between sites is so tight, option 2 is out of the table, as you said, simultaneous request of different pieces of nDVR will suffer BW issues. I'm sure you have some stats about this. The key point is how many simultaneous different request you get.
    Now, when you say your headend network goes to maintenance so often, does it affect your recording locally there, or maintenance only affects the link between the sites only?
    Anyway ... I think you have more details than me to determine. Ruling out option 2, option 3 is your ideal if you don't want to lose any piece of catchup

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