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Thread: trans-code sports channels

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    Default trans-code sports channels

    could you please advice on how to optimize wowza transcoder for sports channels?

    Wowza is runnign on DELL Dual Intel Xeon CPU X5650 24threads each and 16mb of ram. Streams are coming in 1080i Mpeg4/h264 and audio is MPEG layer 1/2/3; we are using 720p transcoding profile at 1.3mbps and the workstation can transcode up to 9 streams at two profiles. (we need only 5 streams)

    It does transcode very well movie channels or when there is slow movements in sports channel, but in fast movement scenes (soccer) the quality is not so good.

    We went through this article for fine tuning, and modified java settings and core counts, but didn't see much difference.

    Thank you

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    Not sure what frame rates you are using, or if you've tried reducing the number of streams etc.
    There are some more advanced transcoder parameters available if you are willing to experiment.
    The following shows you how to list what parameters are available, and where to set them:
    How to tweak Wowza Transcoder encoding parameters

    It does not go into any detail about how to use any of the parameters though. It's really for advanced users.
    If you're will to dig in, it may yield better results for you.

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