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Thread: How to support S3 Server Side Encryption

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    Default How to support S3 Server Side Encryption


    I plan to use the vods3 to access video on s3, but the video are assumed to be encrypted by S3 SSE (server side encryption) or client side encryption.
    how do I move the live recording from EBS to S3 by ModuleMediaWriterFileMover and enable the SSE ?
    Is it possible for wowza to support client side encryption?

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    There is nothing built-in to Wowza as far as I know that supports this, but you should be able to move anything to S3 and encrypt it with this SSE feature. I'm not sure about playback. It is AES-256 encryption so it might work on iOS devices.


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    Hi, I want to ask a more straightforward question related to this .... Can I use SSE with vods3 and Mediacache? Will it 'just work'? is there some technical documentation you could point me to?

    Thanks, Mike

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    While a valid AWS feature, we do not have documentation that will support integrating S3 Server Side Encryption with Wowza Media Server. Provided your player is able to consume / play the content, we don't see any reason, at this point, that MediaCache would not support this workflow.


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