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    Default RTMP CC Issues

    Running Wowza

    I followed the guide ( and added a WebVTT files named the same as my MP4 file. In the same content directory and all that. When I connect via HLS on an iPad the captions come up perfectly. When I attempt to use JW Player 6 with the example from the same guide I do not get anything. Oddly, I also no not see any captions on the demo ( Since I cant see them here, is there something that has to be enabled in my Flash client in order for captions to work?

    Anyone have any tips here?

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    This should work without much effort. Does the cc option appear in your JW player at all, on the bottom navigation bar?
    It may not appear right away when starting playback.

    In order to troubleshoot further, we'll need to see the files in your configuration.
    For this you can email and attach a zip of [install-dir]/conf and
    [install-dir]/logs plus your webvtt files (.vtt) that you are currently using.
    Please reference this thread url in that same email.

    I see too that the demo isn't working properly. We'll look into this for sure.


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    I sent off what you requested this morning. I suspect both my issue and the demo are related somehow, but please let me know what you can find out. Also, the caption file I sent in is a .webvtt file. I started with the same file using a .vtt extension, but Wowza didn't seem to like it and logged that it couldn't find a .webvtt file. So I changed and that's when I was able to get it to work. A least on IOS.

    Thanks again!

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    Problem is related to the use of enhanced the seek property in Application.xml

    So with this property in place closed captions in flash break:

    Remove the above and the CC will appear as expected.

    The property shouldn't cause that problem, so we'll look into this.

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