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Thread: IP Security Camera rtsp to rtmp using Wowza does not work with Flash Player

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    Default IP Security Camera rtsp to rtmp using Wowza does not work with Flash Player

    Hello Everyone,

    We have a Sony IPELA SNC-VB630 unit which streams H.264 video and AAC audio using rtsp. We are also using Wowza Server 2 in order to change the protocol and wrap the audio&video into RTMP. We are using the latest available firmware from Sony.

    When we try to playback the output of the Wowza server in RTMP format using Flash Player 11, audio playback is quite nice with no buffer or any, however the video is not displayed at all.

    We have tested the same stream using ffmpeg player, rtmp playback is just fine for both video and audio. Here comes the ffmpeg output of the stream details:

    Stream #0:0: Audio: none (6G[0][0] / 0x4736), 16000 Hz, mono, 64 kb/s
    Stream #0:1: Video: h264 (Constrained Baseline) (X264 / 0x34363258), yuvj420p, 1280x720 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 20 fps, 20 tbr, 20 tbn, 19.98 tbc

    We have tought of the possibility of profile `Constrained Baseline` being not supported and have applied Main and High Profile as well but the result is exactly the same.

    We have also thought of the colorspace being not suitable for flash player but yuvj420p is supported as we were able to get a picture of another manufacturers camera which is unicasting rtsp encoded with H.264 main profile and yuvj420p colorspace.

    Still unsure if the problem is related to flash player or wowza server.

    How shall I troubleshoot this issue deeper and seek for the answer ?


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    Do you see anything in the Wowza logs which would suggest an issue with the source stream?

    If you play the stream in VLC from Wowza and use "Tools > code information" what are the results?
    If you play the stream in VLC directly from the camera can it be played?


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