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Thread: Storage Path on different Server

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    Default Storage Path on different Server

    Hi all!!

    I am running wowza server 3.6.2 and using vod services, and the data (videos) are also stored in the local hard drive of the same server. Now i want to shift my content to the different server as i don't have much space in the server, now what path should i give in application.xms - <StorageDir>

    Server running wowza :

    Server with content : (Content Path = C:\Videos\)

    Please suggest

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    If you attach it as a network drive you can specify it at the following:

    /conf/[app-name]/Application.xml /StorageDir

    Otherwise (and even with a network drive this may be advantageous), I'd suggest using our MediaCache AddOn. You can identify both http and/or network drives within the MediaCache configuration and will result in better performance thereof.

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    thx matt

    can you tell me what advantage of using MediaCache AddOn, over network drive, difference in performance Or stream playback

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    It depends on the throughput to the attached drive. Try it without MediaCache first.


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