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Thread: Post Roll after live event

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    Default Post Roll after live event

    i had gone through the pre roll and mid roll vod content. but i am after

    - vod playing
    - as soon as live stream start client will get live stream
    - as soon as live stream stop/end client will get back vod

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    The example shows "midroll", but as you will see it can be pre, mid, post-roll. However you arrange it. You can use this technique to create "server-side playlist" with any combination of clips.
    How to insert a pre-roll or mid-roll for video on demand playback in Flash RTMP client

    Be aware that Flash can be sensitive to encoding changes, could crash the player, so it is best if the clips are identical or very close in video and audio encoding parameters. Also, this only works for Flash clients.

    This is for VOD content not live streams. For more info about live streams see this thread:


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    Take a look at the Loop Until Live example, that does what you describe.


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