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Thread: Help Transcoding to MP4

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    Red face Help Transcoding to MP4

    Hey Wowza Gurus!

    I need help transcoding files to MP4. Basically, I need incoming streams to be saved to MP4 format for playback on iOS devices. I tried enabling the Transcoder addon and created an mp4.xml template with the following content:

                            <!-- Example Encode block for source, not required unless Member of StreamNameGroup. -->
                                            <!-- H.264, PassThru, Disable -->
                                            <!-- AAC, PassThru, Disable -->
    I then tried to playback the FLV files using withe <file>.flv as the Stream Name and it's playing properly. However, I have several questions.

    1. How do I do confirm that the file being played back is in MP4 format?
    2. Instead of transcoding the playback, how do I record the files in MP4 format?

    At the moment, I'm running a separate FFmpeg worker instance to look in a directory for any FLV and convert it to MP4. If it's possible to do it directly using Wowza, that would be great!

    Thank you very much guys and I'm looking forward to reading your responses!
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    If the source stream contains h.264 video and AAC or MP3 audio, the simplest way to record to an .mp4 container is make the Application.xml /StreamType "live-record", and use mp4: prefix on the stream name in the encoder. A stream named "mp4:myStream" will be recorded to a file named myStream.mp4

    You don't need the Wowza Transcoder for this.


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