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Thread: HD ondemand issue

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    Default HD ondemand issue

    I am new to HD video ondemand on wowza. I am facing a strange issue
    with what I have got so far. I have a video encoded into 2 versions at
    400kbps (SD) and 1300kbps (HD) respectively
    When I play the SD video it plays just fine. But when I play the HD video
    file after a few seconds it starts behaving strangely. the video frame is
    stuck then it shows another frame 2-3 seconds later, then next frame
    3-4 seconds later. All this while the audio is playing just fine. the video
    becomes more of a slide show of pictures. i have tried all that i could, but
    haven't been able to get through.

    Could anyone help me understand the issue at hand i would be very thankful.

    I have tested it on more than 2 servers with same results.
    I tried the same video via HTML5 video tag and it played flawlessly. I even
    tried with Red5 and yet it played flawlessly. but with wowza its becoming a
    photo slide show with audio playing fine in background.

    Video Details:

    bitrate: 1300kbps
    frame size: 1280x720
    frame rate: 29.97
    video codec : H264 main/high
    audio codec : AAC @ 192kbps

    with latest wowza 3

    Thank you.

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    I think in this case you should open a ticket by sending an email to
    Please include link to this thread for reference and a zipped/compressed copy of your Wowza-install/conf and Wowza-install/logs directories for analysis.
    It would also be useful to know which player you're using when this issue occurs and which protocol.

    Many thanks

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    thank you. the email has been send.

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