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Thread: HLS client-caching (EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE)

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    Question HLS client-caching (EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE)

    We have been trying to get the cache tag to show up in the playlist.m3u8 files following this article

    However it does not show when we add the following to the HTTPStreamers properties area


    We want to cache vod on hls #EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE:YES

    Currently the m3u8 it looks like this

    Any help is appreciated
    Thank you
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    Try checking any (or all) of the chunklist m3u8 files for the value.

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    the tag #EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE is for media files, not manifests. So, you will find the value on the media files playlists only

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