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Thread: android audio-only HLS packetizing as Transport Stream

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    Default android audio-only HLS packetizing as Transport Stream


    I was trying to figure out how to have in the same application a route to deliver HLS streams to android using cupertinoPacketizeAllStreamsAsTS property, and to iOS without TS packetizing.

    I ended up having to setup a different application, for different audio packetizer, because my assumption about /application/mpegts:/path/to/file.mp4 did not ended up as I was understanding it.

    Is it the only (correct?) way to approach streaming HLS for both platforms, iOS and Android? Or is it possible to have in the same application different choices of packetization encoding within the app, like /app/mp4:/path/to/file.mp4/playlist.m3u8 and /app/mpegts:/path/to/file.mp4/playlist.m3u8 ???

    Thanks in advance!

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    Unfortunately no. You can only do one or the other, not both in the same application.
    So you would, as you suggest, need two different applications to serve the different devices.


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