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    I am injecting captions into a stream via a call like:
    stream.sendDirect("onTextData", amfData);
    But some of the special characters (e.g. anything with an accent, musical notes, etc) are not showing up properly. The README file included with PublishOnTextData says the following:
    The source code is included so that you can extend it as needed. The charToByte(String text, int pos, String characterSet, int channel) method is used to convert characters to closed captioning character codes. It's this method that must be extended to add support for additional character sets.
    I can not find any mention of that function in either the server api documentation or in the source code of PublishOnTextData. Is using that method still the preferred way to add support for additional characters?

    I'm looking into this mainly for spanish characters but I would like to support other languages as well.

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    The article might need to be updated. Look for a comment in the source "// map unicode codepoint to utf-8" to see how this is being done. It is the only way at present.


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    I also encountered this problem. Who can help me not

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