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    So I'm tweaking Wowza for over two months now for a project to monetize our on-demand radio site with mobile apps.

    And people loved Wowza so much that they also want to get rid of FMS and replace it with Wowza. YAY!

    But, the first restriction is that we are NOT going to touch our current player. So it would be needed an drop-in replacement of FMS for Wowza.

    I read the documentation over and over, but I am still without knowledge on how to setup Wowza to have an app that responds at the root of the docroot, without any /application URI within the Wowza application. The request today is something like and it should remain that way, until the new project kicks in and the new and shiny html5 player takes flash-player's place.

    Is it possible? How? Could someone point me directions to follow or better docs to read?


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    What is the current player?
    Which protocols are you streaming over?

    If you're using a Flash player such as JW player or Flowplayer, you can point it to the stream you want it to play at the Wowza side.
    As these players support RTMP and HLS playback, they can point to both streams like this.


    Tutorials for player integration with Wowza can be found below if needed,
    JW player - JW player 6 tutorial and JW player 5 tutoiral
    Flowplayer - Flowplayer tutorial

    It may not be possible to do a direct drop in replacement but with more information we should be able to guide you more accurately into completing your replacement.


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