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Thread: Reset stream without MediaCaster

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    A server streams IP-camera feeds with an application configured with stream type "rtp-live". Advantage is that the stream automatically starts the moment the first client connects. The backside is that I can't seem to control the stream with the MediaCasterStreamManager. The following code does a stop/start of the stream, so that the contents of the .stream file will be reloaded. It works fine when the stream type is "live" but with "rtp-live" it just says "stream not found".

    Is there a way to control rtp-live streams (start/stop/reset) in the same way?

    IApplicationInstance appInstance = this.getAppInstance(appInstanceStr);
    if (appInstance != null) {
      MediaCasterStreamMap mediaCasterMap = appInstance.getMediaCasterStreams();
      MediaCasterStreamManager mediaCasterStreamManager = mediaCasterMap.getStreamManager();
      boolean success = mediaCasterStreamManager.stopStream(streamName);
      if (success) {
        success = mediaCasterStreamManager.startStream(streamName, mediaCasterType);

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    There is no reason to use StreamType "rtp-live" if you want to do that, just use StreamType "live". Once a Flash client has connected it will have the lock on the stream that you want to reserve for the MediaCaster system.


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    Problem is that with the StreamType "live", the streams need to be started manually (or added to StartupStreams.xml) which is quite a job since we're talking about thousands of stream files that also change regularly. It's a big advantage with the "rtp-live" stream type that the stream starts automatically when the first client connects.

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    So, no possibility to do this with StreamType "rtp-live"?

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