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    Good day,

    I want to estimate Wowza to have a RTMP media server for Group Voice Chat with next requirements:

    * private rooms
    * user management (possibility to invite / remove participants)
    * stream recording

    On the client side we plan to use flash.

    1) Could you write some notes about possibilities to cover these requirements? Helpful links?

    2) Also from my first research we can expect to have ~1000 concurrent connections per instance with kind of server Single Quad Core, 3.00 GHz / RAM: 4GB / Network: 1Gb Ethernet, can't we?


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    Wowza has a VideoChat example that shows the basics of VideoChat, which does not include any of your bullets. All that either has to be purchased or built.

    Recording is not practical or useful in VideoChat. It is very difficult to re-create a chat with recordings of each stream.

    "Rooms" in a video chat application are usually implemented by connecting to different application instance, e.g. rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/videochat/room1, etc.


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