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Thread: Behavior of DvrPlaylistRequest.setPlaylistStart depends on stream is live or not

  1. Default Behavior of DvrPlaylistRequest.setPlaylistStart depends on stream is live or not

    I've created a dvrPlaylistRequestDelegate that return a UTC time based request as shown in the article ( However, the setPlaylistStart command behaves differently dependent on whether the stream is live or not. In both cases, the start of the available content is set to the date I provide, but:

    - If the stream is NOT live, it'll play from the start of the available content
    - If the stream is live, it'll play the live stream (even though it's possible to rewind to the start)

    How can I achieve that the player will always start playing from the provided date and time, even if the stream is live?

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    what you mention means your delegate is not working. That's the standard behavior of nDVR when delegate is not used. I've my own delegate using UTC as well, and I can playback any extract whether stream is live or not. You need to do a debug of your delegate through IDE. Remember nDVR uses server time as timestamp for nDVR. Is your server time correct?

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    thanks for your reply. I'll debug through IDE. Any chance to obtain the source code of your module so that I can try to find what I'm doing wrong? Yes, my server time is correctly set to CEST, the same time zone as on my test machine.

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    I won't be able to send you my source code. We use our modules for multiple purposes and they are commercially available through our consultant services
    if you send me yours, I might be able to take a look adhoc

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    Thank you for the offer; if you send me your email address, I'll send you the code that I have so far.

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