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Thread: OriginURL question

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    Default OriginURL question

    I am learning the wowza origin/edge architecture and not clearly understand the OriginURL property. From the article
    1. what's the different to use wowz:// from rtmp:// , I saw some usage from others would use the rtmp:// rather than wowz://
    2. What are supposed to be replaced with <![CDATA[]]>

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    1. wowz:// is proprietary protocol and provides varying functionality from the rtmp protocol for communication between Wowza servers.

    2. It is not required that you place something in this element. However, one reason to use the QueryString is if you have SecureURLParams setup between the origin/edge as follows:


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    Default live stream question

    i see lots of peoples streaming channels and their videos live.i have some questions.
    how can i stream a live video (24 hours),but i don't want to turn my computer turn on can i do that.please help?

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    Jomal, what is it exactly you are trying to do?

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    Default stream

    i'm trying to restream a live video to rtmp or m3u8 (hls),so if i restream, using wowza. do i need to turn my PC on everytime

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    Yes, Wowza has to be running to stream your video, so the server running Wowza, in your case your computer, has to be on.


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    If Wowza Server is running on your PC then Yes.
    If Wowza is running on a server machine elsewhere, then no, unless you are using your PC as a live encoder with camera to stream to Wowza?
    You can stream Live video from other sources that do not require an encoder to run on your PC.
    You can restream live and audio directly from an IP camera for instance.

    A SmartPhone can also be used to stream live video and audio, using an App such as GoCoder.


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    Default stream

    i heared about amazon cloudfront,there is wowza in amazon too.most peoples running wowza in amazon cloudfront,is it ture.i'm new at this,

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    Yes, you can run Wowza on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

    This article explains how to get started and links to more info:
    Support for Wowza Media Server on Amazon EC2


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