I have 10 origin-server (transcoder) and just 1 edge-server (stream server). Is it possible to set on edge server these multiples origin server on just one application ?

Today I have one application on edge server for each origin server and when I have to exchange a channel between origin servers I have to change the stream url on client, because the application on edge server will be other.

For example:
Origin1 --> channels A and B
Origin2 --> Channels C and D
Edge --> application1 (channels A and B), application2 (channels C and D)
Streaming url before change: http://IP edge:1935/application1/channelB

after the change:

Origin1 --> channels A
Origin2 --> channels B, C and D
Edge --> application1 (channels A), application2 (channels B, C and D)
Streaming url after the change: http://IP edge:1935/application2/channelB