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Thread: Can Wowza actually protect video streams?? (RTMPDUMPHELPER)

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    Default Can Wowza actually protect video streams?? (RTMPDUMPHELPER)

    A friend of mine has spent over 2,000$ implementing wowza and 'protecting' his videos from being downloaded/ripped (other than from a screen capture which would lower the quality and wouldn't be the original file).

    He had his videos protected for about 3 years until he found that someone recently was able to download and once again pirate all his videos...

    After telling me this, it took me about 5 minutes to find and another 5 minutes to install it, before I was able to download videos from his wowza-based website...

    I've searched these forums already and have found that every time someone brings up rtmp dump helper the subject is danced around by the support staff... how about a clear answer

    Can rtmp dump helper be stopped? Don't say try this plugin and that plugin... can it be stopped or not?

    If anyone could provide a sample stream that rtmp dump helper cannot rip from that would be awesome

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    Your friend should open a ticket by sending his questions to

    Discussions around stream ripping are frowned upon as the majority centre around the capture of subscription or paid for content which of course is illegal. It also provides an avenue of attack for any would be ripper if they know strategies and technologies in use by our customers.


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