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Thread: VODS3 hiding file name for packetsniffers

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    Default VODS3 hiding file name for packetsniffers

    Hi All,

    If you are using the default VODS3 application it is quite easy to spot your file names using a packet sniffer such as wireshark. I don't prefer this, so I've made an own .jar file that overrides the play function, of which the code is written here:

    package com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module;
    import com.wowza.wms.amf.*;
    import com.wowza.wms.client.*;
    import com.wowza.wms.module.*;
    import com.wowza.wms.request.*;
    import com.wowza.wms.util.*;
    public class ModuleVODS3changename extends ModuleBase
    	public void play(IClient client, RequestFunction function, AMFDataList parameters)
    		String oldstring = extractStreamName2(client, function, parameters);
    		String newstring = "do what ever you want here" + oldstring + ".flv";
    		parameters.set(PARAM1, newstring);
    		invokePrevious(client, function, parameters);
    	public String extractStreamName2(IClient client, RequestFunction function, AMFDataList params)
    		String streamName = params.getString(PARAM1);
    		if (streamName != null)
    			String streamExt = MediaStream.BASE_STREAM_EXT;
    			String[] streamDecode = ModuleUtils.decodeStreamExtension(streamName, streamExt);
    			streamName = streamDecode[0];
    			streamExt = streamDecode[1];
    		return streamName;
    This works fine and the file name in the play method is hidden succesfully . But... now the Netstream.Play.Reset.description and Netstream.Play.Start.description are still revealing my original file name. Please have at look at my screenshot here: screenshot.

    Does anybody have an idea how to overwrite these as well? It must be possible since it are just descriptions. I've tried to overwrite PARAM2 until 10 but this was of little succes.

    Many thanks,

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    There currently isn't a way to do this. I have brought it to the attention of our engineering team so that they can look into a solution.

    I noticed in your screen shot that you were also concerned about the stream metadata. This information is set by the encoder when the stream or file is created. Fortunately, you can modify this easily using api methods to rewrite the metadata before it is sent to the player.

    How to add onMetaData event on the fly to video on demand streams shows how to access the metadata packet when it is requested and add or modify information.

    In the example, the actual data is stored in dataObj which is a AMFDataMixedArray. The structure is similar to a java map and you have get* put & remove methods. Any data added to the array must be put as AMFDataItem objects. See com.wowza.wms.amf in the Server api documentation for more info.

    I would suggest only removing what you really don't want available as some players rely on the metadata to function properly.


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