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Thread: nDVR Startup with lots of stores

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    Default nDVR Startup with lots of stores


    I my project, I use the VERSION archive strategy, and saved old version stores.
    When I restart my server, and starts a stream, the server parses all the old stores. This operation can take a very long time.
    I don't mind the startup time, but I need to know that it will be able to complete.

    Right now, I get a stream timeout error message after 1 minute. I couldn't find where I can change this timeout value. I tried the StreamTimeout of the properties of the DVR, but it's not that.

    The error message is:

    INFO server comment - DvrStreamManagerBase [dvr/_definst_/sport1] : Timeout occurred. Destroying DVR packetizer.

    I would like to change the timeout to a very large number, like 10 minutes, so the server have a chance to parse all my stores.

    Also, why does the server does that parsing? Is he parse all the chunk files, or just the manifest? Can I make this process any faster? Why is it needed, and can it be disabled?


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    You can set Application.xml /DVR Property streamTimeout

    But I think this is a playback related message. As far as I know there is no startup overhead related to nDVR. Do you have a very long playlist? The recommended max length of nDVR playlist is 2 hours. Above that the size of manifest that player has to consume becomes a problem


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    To add, it is the Application.xml /DVR /WindowDuration setting that controls how long the recording is. If you have longer recordings you can use the nDVR Playlist Request API to select 2 hour or less segments


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