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Thread: HELp ! - trying to get muti outputs on 1 computer

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    Default HELp ! - trying to get muti outputs on 1 computer

    I want to pick up 4 audio streams coming out of wowza ( remotely) and play them back one out of each sound car or even better one out of each channel of a 5.1 sound card.

    i can find plenty of players but they just run once and play out of the same sound card or i can find mutlizone players but they wont play the stream form wowza.

    any ideas anyone?

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    If you stream 4 separate audio streams, it's possible to have multiple players playing each stream from the same sound card as long as the sound card supports multiple output devices.
    For example in Winamp you can select which which output device you want to play the stream through such as earphones, headphones or speakers.

    You would have to have a sound card that supports multiple outputs and find a player which allows you to select an output and that's compatible with Wowza.


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    you described basically what i said in my original post, i was hoping someone could suggest an actioal program , i have 4 sound cards on the computer, can winamp open 4 separate instances of itself? i tried and could only get 1 to launch ?

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    You can use a Flash RTMP player. Try JW Player 6


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