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    Default Pick from https:// and stream to http://

    I have this weird setup. I have a NAS which has the media files stored in it. The NAS can only accept https:// connections which means that all files that are in the NAS are accessible only via an https:// address. The Set Top Box that I am streaming to can only create http:// connections and does not support https://

    Here is a list of my problems...

    1) The Set Top Box work on plain HTTP Streaming which essentially means that all I need to give to it is the file location and it plays it back without the need of any streaming server in the middle.

    2) As mentioned above, the files are stored in the NAS which can only accept https:// so the box cannot connect to those files. Unfortunately I cannot do anything to change the https status of the NAS (Some security condition).

    Two addressable solutions to this problem would be...

    1) Introduce an intermediate system which sits between the NAS and the STB. This system works on plain http:// and is accessed by the box when request media to be played (Yes, I need video on demand). This system would pick up the file from the NAS location via an https:// connection and simply push it to the STB over http:// in real time. For this I may require a streaming server which can pick up and send the packets as they are in real time from the NAS to the box.

    2) Introduce an intermediate caching system which, when requested, will search for the file's availability in its local storage. if present, it will allow access to the file over http:// In case the file is not present in its local cache, it will 'download' the file from the NAS using https:// and then stream it out to the user. I am not sure whether the file can be delivered to the box while it is being downloaded. If not, the user will have to wait for the file to be transferred completely between the NAS and the intermediate system before it can be served to the box. Doing so will introduce an ugly 10 minute delay for files that are large (Like 1080p movies) which the user will curse at!

    I wanted to know, is there a possibility of using Wowza to perform the task mentioned in Solution #1 above? If so, how can we get that done?

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    re solution #1, you can use MediaCache, which supports NAS. However, re problem #1, from what you describe, the STB only supports progressive download, which Wowza does not support at present. But if it supports HLS, which many new boxes do now, you can use Wowza with MediaCache.

    re solution #2, there is no fail-over as you describe using MediaCache

    Using MediaCache Wowza caches while it plays back. There is often a slightly longer delay (seconds) when playing back content that is not already cached.


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    I just found out that the set top box is being upgraded to a new version that supports MP4 files apart from MPEG-TS files. Now here is my final worry...

    1) My NAS only connects to https:// and the box is not compatible to that.
    2) The box still does not support HLS, HDS, or HSS only simple HTTP streaming.
    3) The media player in the box does not support https redirection (Which the CDN has to perform)

    To solve this issue, I have used the following setup...

    1) Installed a intermediate machine which sits between the box and the NAS. The machine is loaded with uBuntu 12 LTS (Server Edition).
    2) The intermediate machine would accept the video requests from the box and pick up the files from the NAS to restream to the box over HTTP (Which is understands).

    Now to do can I configure Wowza? I am currently trying to use VLC to do this but for some reason VLC is not establishing an https connection with the NAS.

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