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Thread: Updating Wowza configuration files

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    Default Updating Wowza configuration files

    It seems the most annoying aspect of updating from one version of Wowza to another is the arduous process involved in re-modifying all the configurable files that drive a Wowza installation. It is tricky because the files that are already running in the "old" version are themselves modified from the originally distributed files. The new distribution will have files that then have to be modified, but the new files also incorporate the consequences of feature changes that have occurred between the "old" version release and the new one, and these new changes have to be incorporated somehow into the new version as well.

    Is there something you guys can do to make this process easier? In an ideal world, you would have a tool that given the release number of the "old" version would be able to apply the necessary deltas to configuration files to bring them up to date. This would involve removing obsolete stuff, adding appropriate defaults for new stuff, and perhaps highlighting and asking the user what to do about things that are just different now.

    Failing that, perhaps you could promise that when features are introduced that would require changing configuration files that you would bump the second digit in the release number? That way if upgrading from 3.a.x to 3.a.y we wouldn't have to worry about configuration changes, but going from 3.a.x to 3.b.0 would mean there could be configuration changes, and those configuration changes would be documented in some way that makes the upgrade easier?

    At the very least, each time a configuration file undergoes a change for release, that should be documented in the file with a comment like:
    "Distributed version modified for release: 3.a.x" and a description of what changed. Previous comments like that should be left in the file to leave an audit trail for people that only update infrequently and may need to accommodate changes across multiple release versions.

    What do you think?

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    This is being addressed in the next upcoming major release. What is likely to occur is that any files that rarely get modified by end users will be packaged in such a way that the installer or patch can update these automatically. They will still be available for advanced users to override but it will dramatically reduce the number of xml files that you have to deal with as an end user. Any new features will be added in such a way as to make sure that they will be backwards compatible so you will still be able you use your existing customised files and you would only need to update these manually if you need to enable the new features.


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